Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Day at the Dentist

As many of you know John Hunter has a VERY crazy tooth. It has been a concern of ours for some time so at his last Drs. appt. he suggested that we see the dentist. So today was the big day! His appointment was at 1:30 but the dentist was running a little late. All that to say it was an experience to remember.

He did okay brushing his teeth and exploring around. But the moment he had to lay back he kinda freaked out. He did not care for the gloves or the mask. They put fluoride on his teeth and then let him play with this HUGE stuffed dog that has a full set of grown up teeth. He brushed the poor dogs teeth over and over. The doctor came to look and confirmed what we thought. Not only is the tooth crooked it could not come in correctly because he has an extra tooth. They took xrays to confirm which throughly he hated, but once they were done we had our answers.

Not only do we have 1 extra tooth we have 2. One on each side. So what does this mean you ask? 99% of kids who have extra baby teeth have extra permanent teeth. We go back in six months to see how his teeth are coming in and at that point they will probably pull the extra teeth.

Oh well... I should have know my sweet son would become good friends with the dentist. She joked and said "I hope you all have good dental insurance" My response was we do, but you just met a goldmine!

When we got home we took some pics of the buddy and his new Baby Einstein toothbrush. Hopefully he will continue to enjoy brushing his teeth. He is going to need all the help he can get!

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Meghan said...

Hey Kendra...He'll get the hang of the dentist...Maggie and Owen began going at 12 months and love the dentist. The key is taking them early so they get in the habit of it. As for the train table....SAMS club. I don't know if it was just a Christmas thing or not though. Also, I was wanting to find out if your mom would mind covering my rocking chair covers for me...I know u mentioned she did that. Anyhow, if so that woudl be great as I need to get the nursery together. Just let me know and if so we can set up a time to get together. Thanks!!