Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What we've been up to...

Eric and I had a great time out of town this past weekend. Getting there was a little harder than expected. John Hunter came down with pink eye. Poor buddy did so well and we felt awful leaving him, but we knew he was in good hands.

We got home on Saturday night and just hung out the rest of the weekend. As you can see John Hunter had a fun time with daddy making capes. And he really enjoyed the box from his work bench that Aunt Sarah got him.

We have had a pretty normal week. John Hunter went to school on Monday and did a really funny thing. His "girlfriend" Raleigh had a bow in her hair. This was the first time he had ever seen here with one in her hair. He walked right over to her and patted her bow and said "OOOOOOH" like nice bow, you should wear one more often. All the teachers and parents cracked up. Oh the stories we will tale.

Yesterday we went to Harrodsburg to visit and my cousin Amanda and her husband Brett got him this cute tactor like Uncle Charlies and he just loves it.

The Grande Aunt B and Uncle Richard sent him this Thomas shirt and when I showed it to him he said "Choo Choo" and carried it around for a while. Eric and I were cracking up thinking what in the world goes on his head.
As many of you know he LOVES things that sing. So after we put all the Christmas ones away we were stumped as to what he would like. Gigi found this singing dog that plays "Ring of Fire" and the video will tell you the rest!


Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Bless his little eye! Layni's never looked like that. Hers was just goopy and her eyelid was red; the eyeball never turned pink at all. And, I LOVE the dancing. Turner kept wanting to watch it over and over! We miss you guys!

The Oakes said...

i just want to know who taught him all of his dance moves!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, is he the cutest thing, pink eye and all. That little face just brightens my day and his dancing brightens my heart. I heard that he now says Gigi quite well, so can we get started on Aunt B? Much love from his Grande Auntie, Aunt B PS -Can't wait to dance together again.