Saturday, January 26, 2008

PJ Day

Althought it is only 10:15 AM we have had a fun day of playing in our PJ's all morning. John Hunter is truly on the mends after some great meds from the Dr. for his double ear infection. Poor buddy he is so glad to be back to himself again, and I have to say we are too.
We don't have much planned for the day seeing how it is SO cold and I really can think of anything that would want to make me leave this house other than church tonight. I have so great pics of our PJ day but I have to share a funny story first.

Yesterday Eric met John Hunter and I at the mall for a quick bite of lunch and I needed to return some shoes. John Hunter found out that the kids play area existed so we let him go play (I had to but my obession with germs aside because he was having a BLAST)! He ran and ran through that area. He was struggling to get up on anything, but tried with all his might. There was little boy there named Logan who was about 3 and his grandmother was sitting next to Eric. Logan clearly needed a visit from SuperNanny, he would intentionally find John Hunter and run towards him and plow him down. This happpend about 3 times and John Hunter just got up and kept playing. He would try and climb on some of the toys and Logan would climb up and wait for John Hunter to put his hands down and then stomp on his fingers. Meanwhile, we would redirect John Hunter to play with something else but Logan was persistant. His grandmother, not correcting him at all. So on the third time of John Hunter getting his fingers stepped on.... Eric VERY POLITELY looked at Logan and said, "Logan, why don't you go find someone else to play with." And with that his grandmother gathered their belongings and left. I was so GLAD! It was the frist time I ever wanted to yell at another child I didn't know. Eric said he had had enough and he gave the grandmother ample times to correct him, so since she didn't Eric did. As the walked alway Logan turned towards Eric and growled! Oh well....

Anyways, here are some fun photos of our PJ DAY!
John Hunter and Tye just chilling by the fire!

Daddy and John Hunter "supposedly making the bed"!

A perfect landing... 10!

Eating a little snack before nap time!


The Oakes said...

good for eric!!! i don't know what it is about those mall play places. its like they are magnets for the
Herdmans from the best christmas pagent ever. by the way i love the way they make the bed!!

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I don't like those crazy kids at the mall either! I DO love the picture of John Hunter in the air - what a fun dad!

Jennifer (Bowlin) Baker said...


Jen Hoggatt is out visiting me and I asked about you. She showed me your blog. Your baby is so cute. I am so sorry that I have not kept in touch since high school -- I often think about the fun times we all had. I am living in St. Louis and getting ready to move back to KY in June. I have a 9 month old son named Jack. I don't know if we are having a 10 year reunion this year but hopefully someone will put one together. If not maybe we can see each other when I move back. I would love to hear from you

Jennifer Bowlin Baker