Monday, May 24, 2010

He's Been Faithful

There is an old Sandi Patty song that says:

He’s Been Faithful

In my moments of fear
Through every pain every tear
There’s a God whose been faithful to me
When my strength was all gone
When my heart had no song still in love
He’s proved faithful to me
Every word he’s promised is true
What I thought was impossible
I see my God do

He’s been faithful,
Faithful to me
Looking back his love and mercy I see
In my heart I have questioned your will
Even failed to believe yet,
He’s been faithful, faithful to me.

I remember this song from my childhood. But it seems that today I remembered it. I have had this overwhelming feeling of not getting things done. While on vacation I asked God to remove the laziness in my life. I have been so discouraged as of late with so many things. Money, God's Will, parenting a toddler, and the list could go on. But today I was sitting at the doctor with a son who has bronchitis, and started ticking through my to do list and almost came to tears.

I did not even know where to begin. It is our last week of school which apparently means that I have a LOT to do that I did not know about! So in the midst of a fog I started singing the words to the song. Faithful to me! He has been so faithful. Mentally I started replacing my today list with my gratitude list.

I have been waiting so something for over a month now. I was very discouraged and thought that it would never happen. When I went to the mailbox to check the mail it was there... I just cried in the middle of street! Today he has been faithful and tomorrow my God will still be there!

Just a little to chew on this Monday, how have has he been faithful to you?

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