Monday, May 17, 2010

Moments with God.... at the Beach!

I'm sitting on the pool deck right next the the ocean this morning. There is supposed to be a strong chance of rain this afternoon so I took morning to soak up some sun. Truth be told, I probably don't need too much more sun, but I am drawn too it!

I love to people watch while here... I have seen a LOT of funny things. I just sent this text to my girls "Things I learned from the beach today: Bikinis are not acceptable in the 8th month of pregnancy. When your pushed out belly button is large enough for its own bra, it SHOULD be covered" The worst part of people watching is tonight I will see ALL these people at dinner! That is when the real begins. I love it!

Anywhoo... I was sitting here and looking out at the vastness of the ocean and felt the gentle breeze on my skin. Something about knowing how big my God is. I recently heard it said then when in the midst of a storm do not tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how BIG God is! It's true. I have had time to pray, reflect, and just be with God on this trip! I have come away with a freshness that was LONG overdue!

I want more for myself, my family, and my life. I am over being tired, being lazy, and living in the mundane. I was not promised tomorrow, heck not even next hour. But I was called. There is a calling on my life to do for God. In my home, in my neighborhood, in my church, and in my world. How will this ever happen with a tired soul? Before we left Eric and I prayed that God would renew our hearts for each other and our love for Him. We have had some tough conversations, we have dreamed, planned, and basked in His goodness. We are blessed! I could hear "Great is Thy Faithfulness" playing as a soundtrack of our life! We have come so far in this year! Satan is NO longer winning the hearts of this White House. We are sold out to him, and will not be lost in the busyness of this life! That you can hang your hat on!

I love ear buds. I love plugging them into my iphone and just singing. However I started cracking up when I realized that I was singing out loud. I am sure the lady next to me with her Metlife bag is probably blogging about the crazy girl that was singing praise to God . I was singing "How He loves Us" (Aaron Pelsue version) and these words just resonated with me!

"I don't have time to maintain these regrets when
I think about the way He loves us!"

The past is written my future is secure! I cannot think about my yesterdays! I can think about today. I will no longer borrow problems from tomorrow for today has enough of its own! All I can think about is the way he loves ME!

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