Friday, December 23, 2011

A little behind

So I know I'm a little behind in the blogging world so while were away for Christmas in gonna try and catch up.

But for now I've been thinking a lot about Christmas. It truly us one of my most favorite times of the year. And being the mom of two adorable babes has made it even more magical.

So why am I constantly stressing out over every small detail of Christmas. I am confident jh is not concerned the his "what's in Ned's head?" present has a perfectly placed bow on it, but rather the assurance that someone will be there to play the game with him. Lynley is 3 months old today and I know she doesn't care that she has the most beautiful dolly under the tree, but that her parents are present and engaged to play folks with her and spur on her imagination. So why all the hustle and bustle? Why do we as moms kill ourselves and ruin Christmas, just for the appearance of perfection?

Shouldn't we learn from the Creator of Christmas that isn't surrounded by perfection. A stable, a manger, a virgin, and a baby who will save the world. So in this madness we call Christmas remember the baby. Nothing about His arrival came by perfection. So like Mary, "ponder and treasure these things in your heart."

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K8 said...

Bored randomly surfing blogs and you had a point worth remembering. WHY the fuss...the perfect picture, the right outfit on the kids when they are just gonna have a blast spilling gravy all over themselves any way lol. They want to be interacted with and would rather wear antlers with bells on them then care that their outfits match. If Jesus could rock it in swaddling clothes I'm sure we can simmer and enjoy it too : ) thx for the read