Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calendar Crunch

So whoever decided to put St. Patrick's day and Easter within a week of each other, clearly did not have a 1 year old in Mom's day out. On Sunday I found myself making sugar cookie dough and then dying it green to produce 85 clover shaped cookies. To which each child received a treat bag with 4 cookies tied with green ribbon and a note on green paper with a shamrock on it that said, Happy St. Patrick's day from John Hunter..... Sorry but I did not take any pics of the cookies, however I do have a cute pic of the buddy in his green outfit.!Then today we are taking Easter treats.... and not just any old Easter treats.... cool ones. I worked for a long time yesterday on the kids treats and a separate treat for the teachers. Half way through Eric asked "do you like doing this" to which I resounded YES! So I know I can thank my Gran for this. She has instilled in me that each day is a great day especially when it is a holiday! (By the way she decorated for flag day and mother's day)

Well without much further ado here are the pics. Oh I do need to send a thank you to my mom for letting me use her candy molds and to Vicky (my mother in law) for the cake pan!


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear HRP,

You have totally outdone yourself. What a great treats and the cake ..... WOW.. I said to Uncle R that your grandmother was up there cheering you on. You did such a beautiful job, and I know it was a labor of love. Keep on keepin' on. Wish I had been there to help. It harks me back to when my son, Scott, was in Kindergarten or lst grade and I was in charge of Teacher's Recognition Day for the elementary school teachers. I ended up making in ceramics class 30+ graduate statute figurines, male and female, with Teacher's Recognition Day and the year on the diplomas they were holding. Just a wee project ..... Ha! .... but a labor of love. Keep honoring that creativity that you have inside of you. It is your truth and your connection to the highest power.

Much love,
"Your Proud Grande Auntie"

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Those are all very cute, especially the little boy in the green outfit! I love the lamb cakes. You do need to settle down, though, or you're going to give yourself an ulcer. :)

Becca said...

How totally cute!!! I love the cake- you are so very creative! That is entirely too cute to eat!

jessieandylaineybuike said...

holy moly! you are very creative, but try not to set the bar too high for the rest of us, huh? was all beautiful!