Monday, March 24, 2008

Resurrection Weekend

We had a wonderful Resurrection Weekend. It started with a chilly Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at the church. It was about 44 degrees but the wind was blowing and Mr. Sun decided not to shine. John Hunter was thrilled to be there. When we pulled up to the ball field where his age group was hunting he kept saying "ball ball ball" because he thought all the eggs were balls. He did great hunting. He had is one particular method he would choose one from each area ignoring all the rest around his feet and then he would RUN to the next area. After about 20 min. Mommy, Daddy and Gigi were frozen so we left. John Hunter was so sad, but got lots of great treats to comfort him.Saturday night we went to church. It was a treat. We let John Hunter sit with us and he did an awesome job. After each song...he yelled "YEAH" and clapped his hands. So I guess he has his own style of worship.Easter morn we got up and Eric played us some Easter songs.... UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! and we read the Easter story. Then we found what the Easter Bunny left for us. I think the bubble wand has to be the hit... or it may be the bat and ball that the Easter Bunny left in the back of mommy's car:( We got dressed up and went to Easter brunch with Gigi and Granddad and ate way too much. It was so good. We saw the Easter Bunny and John Hunter did great considering we are still scared from Santa Claus.
Hope everyone had a joyous Easter celebrating the life of Jesus.

Oh... by the way when we woke up this morning our yard that Eric mowed on Friday was covered in snow... GO FIGURE!


The Oakes said...

so many great pictures....who doesn't like little boys in big boys clothes!

The Purvis Family said...

All those different Easter outfits....JH is really styling!!