Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love you Sock Monkey!

**Gigi loves the sock monkey too**

So John Hunter has been feeling under the weather and today we went to the doctor and he has a ruptured ear drum. We are hoping for a good nights sweet. But he did the sweetest thing today!

We were going to look at more houses (we have hit a snag in the one we have... LONG story saving for another time). And I was putting clothes on JH and then let him play. I was getting ready and he brought his BIG sock monkey upstairs and told me it was time to put the Sock Monkey to bed.

I peeked through his door and watched as he tucked the monkey in the bed, covered him up, and handed him a blanket! Then he kneeled down and started to pray, "Dear Lord, thank you for Titi, Big Larry, Little Larry, Lance, Austin, Diane, Josie and King Joseph, Troy Bolton, and Gabriella! Then he said, "may the Lord Bless you and keep you sock monkey, my he make his face shine one you:)

He kissed sock monkey's ear and walked out of the room... looked and me and say... AHHHH, and went back in the room and said, "I love you sock monkey" Turned on the sound machine and walked out the door!

Tell me that is not the sweetest thing ever. It is so sweet to see his little gifts forming. God has big plans for this little man and has truly given him a heart of compassion!!

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