Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Humble Pie how I hate your taste...

Do you hate the taste of humble pie? I am writing this out the sincerity of my heart, and I know that 10 years from now it will not be a big deal nor will it be remembers, but I am stressed about it now.

When we moved to Indy I was extremely upset that we would not make any friends and that JH would not have any playmates. I voiced this opinion to Eric and he assured me over and over we would have friends, but if we did not MAKE one friend he would fly everyone up :) Well as you can imagine we have made friends and I cherish each one of them deeply!

John Hunter will be 3 next week, but his little birthday party is this Friday. I have had HUGE plans to have it at a wonderful place here, but when I started looking at cost it did not seem like it was the best use of our money (since we are in the process of buying a house). So i put on my big girl panties and came up with a plan B.

Holland Park is an amazing park here in Fishers and I was excited to do the party there... it was free, pizza ordered, I am making cupcakes, a few drinks, some favors and we were good to go. Well I am knee deep in sock monkey birthday party stuff, but my dears of my outdoor party has quickly been halted. There is a 95% chance of rain/thunderstorms on Friday. I called around to several places today but for 8 kids and $100 for a room again was not good stewards. I knew all along I could have the party here. Sure we have toys, a bounce house, etc. but this is not home... it is temporary. And to be honest I don't really want to have a birthday party here.... but the LORD ways are not ours!

So after many pep talks with mom and my friend Kelly we will turn this house into a sock monkey cage on Friday. I know it will be great... my little monkey is gonna love it... he is thrilled about his cupcakes, friends, and party. Tonight he even cried asking when is party was. Why do I as an almost 30 year old care what, where, and how my son has a party? ISN'T the point to celebrate HIS life? Not try and have the best party. I know my monkey is gonna love Friday, balloons, cake, friends, ice cream, etc. And can you believe he is gonna be 3...???

So humble pie was my dessert for tonight, I will open my home, as "so not like me" as it is, and celebrate 3 wonderful years the LORD has given me with my little one....

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Anonymous said...

I am lovin' the massive sock monkey! The party will be great no matter where it is! Jon Hunter won't care where it is as long as he can run and have cake and I'm betting the other kids will feel the same!
Enjoy the day!
Tracey Herko