Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Craft

Hey y'all, I thought I would share with you the Christmas craft John Hunter and I are going to do today or tomorrow. It is pretty fun and super easy with preschool kiddos!

Here is what you are gonna need:
- 25 strips of construction or christmas scrapbooking paper
- stapler
- Marker
- Header... you can save download this template or make your own, you get the idea!
With the 25 strips take the marker and write one name on each strip. Each night when you cut the chain that is the person you are going to pray for. The last link should read "everyone of God's Children"

Once all the links are labeled begin to make your paper chain. Once the chain is made, attach the header and place it somewhere where you child can see it and count down to Christmas, while praying for those he loves!


Anonymous said...

love this! we may have to do it!

Jessie said...

okay, that is too cute!