Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a surprise....

For some reason on Friday night I was feeling a little homesick. Sure I loved being at home with my boys, but I wanted to be home. We entertained the idea of going home, but realized this was our only free weekend for a while and thought it would be best to stay home.

We called home several times and Saturday morning we even tried to convince my parents to come up. They had a busy weekend planned, but I knew we would see them in 2 weeks.

Well we did house stuff, we napped, we played bikes, we had a great day. I was outside with Cheri enjoying the weather when my parents called and said they would be here in 1.5... I was THRILLED to say the least! What a great surprise... i just love it when they are here!

We went to dinner and here is a precious pic of Gigi and Grandad... more pics to come! I promise!

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