Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gather around the table

When I was a child I remember my parents getting their kitchen table. It has always been a place of food, family, and fellowship. We ate dinner at the table most nights of my childhood. We are alo trying to instill the same for John Hunter. Recently when we moved into our new house and they unloaded our kitchen table I was so emotional when it was put in kitchen. Just made me feel like home... I had not seen it or eaten at it in over a year and it was just a sign of God's faithfulness to our family!

A few months ago my parents purchased a new kitchen table (which I LOVE), and offered us their old one. I was quick to say yes. It was bigger, and I could put 6 chairs around it ... (no our family is not growing but we forever have people over). So last trip home I brought the chairs back, and this week mom called and asked if they could come up for a short visit and bring the table. We quickly said yes!

It was a short but great trip. We had lots of laughs, good food, and some plain ole' fun! And the table has arrived. I cannot wait to make our own family memories around this table... it means the world to me! Thank you mom and dad!

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Debbie said...

You've got a great legacy Kendra and how wonderful you are instilling the same values to your family:)