Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood

So we are loving of neighborhood and our neighbors, it is something about spring time that makes me want to invite everyone i know to sit on the deck, listen to children play, talk, solve the worlds problems, and just be in community. It is what we were called to do right?

Well we have some good friends that live in our hood' and some more friends who are moving in at the end of the month. So we decided to have a little impromtu cookout. It was great (minus the grill running out of gas during the grilling... but thankfully Krogers is only right up the street). There were lot of giggle from the 5 (soon to be 6 children) lots of playing, talking, and just all in all a good night! Oh and LOTS of good food provided by my wonderful husband, last nights burger truly should be marketed!

As I sat and reflected on last night I started thinking about where I was one year ago. We knew no one in this town, and it was just our little family of three. God has truly blessed us. Eric and I both love to entertian, it's our thing. During our time at Valleyview we did not get to do that very often, many nights it was me, him, and JH, and honestly I would not trade one moment of that. We learned so much about each other, spending time together, and really getting reacquinted. It was a season of change for us.

Now as I type this on the deck of our new home, water gently flowing, fire going, I am reminded that at times like this God knew what he had in store for us. We have made lifelong friends I never thought we would make. I was plagued with fear of being lonely here (and dont get me wrong... I have had PLENTY of lonely days). But today I stand (well sit) in awe of his faithfullnes. He is God, His ways are good, he is just, holy, and He is LOVE. He has never left our side, he had a plan. I struggled with it (and at times still do), but I feel that He is rewarding us for our obediences by providing us exactly what we need, our manna if you will!

PS... sorry there are no pics, I did not even get my camera out. How sad, but trust me when I say we had 5 of the most beautiful children at our home ( oh and funniest too)

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