Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I know it is just Saturday evening, but I feel the need to express just how wonderful this weekend has been! We have done NOTHING! Yesterday JH and I were home ALLLLL day with the exception of going to the park! And not only did we stay home we turned the TV off ( well when daddy got home we watched the draft) But it was a GOOOOOD day!

Last night I went out by myself and did a little shopping for Eric and I for FL and then went and got some DQ. Well worth the wait in line... that is for sure!

Today we went to swim lessons, and I am proud to announce that JH has been moved up to level 2. Then we went to Costco and did a little family shopping.... we got some good stuff and will be eating healthy... that i the goal of this week! Came home for naps (because had the longest night in the world... long story but lets just say, JH peed on me) And now we are hanging out... again with NO TV. It has been a blast!

TOmorrow we are going to church, watching one of our dearest friends from LEX play soccer then to celebrate on special little girls 5th birthday... What a great time

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