Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wonderful weekend

This past weekend we went to Lexington to spend time with friends and family. What was even more fun was that we took our neighbors Katie and Tim with us. They have 2 girls Macie Mae (2) and Clara (3months). The kiddos were so great and we had such a good time. We went out to eat fun places, went and saw the horses run at Keeneland, and then spent some good time with friends and family.

I was so excited to bring Lynley to Lexington. I am sure she just loved each moment of it. She was held a LOT and loved that, and of course both babies got spoiled by these two.

We had some friends over who got to shower Lynley with gifts and it was such a treat to share our little princess. She really is such a good baby.

Monday morning we left but not for Indy for Columbus, OH. Eric had a work meeting there so the kids and I went with him. We had a fun time shopping, eating out, and of course JH loved staying in a hotel. Monday night we went out to dinner at this really cool resturant called the Elevator. We ate around 7 with Eric and then around 8 his teamed joined us and the kids and I made a quick exit. He was in a meeting all day Tuesday so we went to Easton for some shopping at lego world and build a bear. The best quote was from JH, when he said, "this is the best mommy date ever". From the book the Mommy date.

It was a whirlwind weekend but so fun. I loved getting away and spending time with my family!

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