Friday, October 14, 2011

A little overwhelmed

Today I woke up with a feeling of being a little overwhelmed. I am thinking that the change to 2 kiddos can do that to you. We had a house full of new toys, a 5 year old who was dying to play with them and a momma and sister who didn't get much sleep.

Gigi and grandad left this morning for their big trip, and after breakfast we went to the peds office for a weight check for Lynley. I was very anxious about this check because it had been a week and I was PRAYING that she would gain. And Praise the LORD this little beauty was a 8.0 a WHOLE ounce about her birth weight.

We came home and played, ate, visited with some friends who brought us dinner, and then took a FAMILY NAP. I knew JH was tired when we slept for almost 4 hours and is now back in bed. Poor kid turing five wore him out. One of his favorite gifts was this shark ship given to him by his friends Tate, Tuck, and Nolan. He is in love with it. And today we put it in the tub and it was hours of fun! I recommend it for any preschool age boy! Huge hit!

Our night ended with Eric and I hanging out in the hot tub listening to Bon Jovi.... and that might friends is a good ending to a day where this momma was overwhelmed!

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