Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

My name is Kendra and I am addicted to Pinterest Addiction. Its so funny John Hunter will bring me the ipad and ask, mom are going be playing on Pinterest again. Why yes son, I am!!! It is not like I need another thing to consume my time, but it does have so great ideas, and honestly John Hunter and I have done some fun things with the finds we have found.

Last night I started a project, and of course I could not do just one. I needed to make a few for some of Lynley's friends and cousin! So at last, here are the cute Thanksgiving Hairbows I made. I am super excited to Lynley to wear one with her turkey shirt I am making her:) I might even put her hairbow on a hat instead of a headband (depending on the weather). It was super easy and super fun!

If you are not on pinterest and want to me, let me know and I will send you an invite :)

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