Monday, October 15, 2007

First Birthday

Ok... so here are the much awaited photos of the first birthday party. Eric and I woke up early that morning and went upstairs and started to sing Happy Birthday to John Hunter... I cried. We got balloons, cupcakes, etc. The little man had a good nap and then the party began. The children wore costumes, and John Hunter was a skunk! On the butt it said little stinker. The house was decorated to the nines. And then Gigi and Granddad came down with his wagon. He loved it... a side note... I do too.. it was so fun to take a walk with! Hope you all enjoy some of the photos. I am going to upload them all on snapfish and I will put that link on there when I am done! But thanks to my Grande Auntie there are over 300 to choose from!


BethAnne said...

Hey! Found your blog through LPM - your son is precious! That first birthday is hard for us mommies - unfortunately the ones to follow arent any easier. My oldest is six and I cry every year!

shousehouseblog said...

His party was absolutely precious! And, don't worry about crying...I cried for about a week before Turner's 1st birthday. I cried on his second birthday, too. Then I had Layni, became a little overwhelmed and I don't remember if I've cried over birthdays since then. :)

The Oakes said...

so cute kendra.....looks like it was a party to be remembered.