Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick

I have to be honest, I am done with people in my house being sick. John Hunter has been sick since last Monday. I took him to the Dr. Monday afternoon because the week before he had an allergic reaction to his flu shot. At the office he was kinda whiney and a little warm with a runny nose. The doc checked his ears and throat and said he looked perfect, but he had 3 teeth coming in. So I just chalked it up to teething.

Well least to say we did not get much done the rest of the week with a sick baby. He was just so pitiful, couldn't breath, and was sick and tired of having his nose wiped. If that is not bad he got an infection in his left eye on Wednesday so that was a pain, and then one in his right eye! The poor kid has been through the ringer.

Then Eric got sick... now my husband is great at cooking, working, providing, and other sorts of task, but when he is sick... WATCH OUT! To be honest I thought I was going to have a break down. To the point where one night I had to run to the store just to get bananas... or to just get out of the house.

We have had a GREAT relaxing weekend of football and fun. And I pleased to report that everyone is on the mend. Expect me... well I am not sick, but my front tooth fell off (it is a LONG story and UNBELIEVABLE!) So my first task after dropping John Hunter off at school will be going to see the good ol' dentist. May I just recommend MetLife Dental Insurance:)


The Purvis Family said...

what what what!!! your tooth?? what in the world happened? I need to hear all about this one!!

shousehouseblog said...

Why did you not post a picture of you with your tooth fallen off?!?! And, I'm with Jen - why did I not hear about this?