Monday, October 8, 2007

Just an Update

John Hunter and I had a day full of doctor appointments. I had a brain scan this morning and then to the dermatologist to verify that the abnormal cells in the mole on my head had not spread. So that is a huge anwser to prayer... I was kinda worried:) And Eric was thrilled to know that my brain was still there!

John Hunter had to go to the ears, nose, and throat doctor and Dr. Speach said his ears looked great. So that also is a huge anwser to prayer. We go for his 1 year next Monday so I will be anxious to see how big my little one has gotten.

We also made a trip to Target today to get safety latches for our cabinets. I have been so determined to teach John Hunter "no touch" and he has done so well. We have not had to move one thing in our house. He tried the stairs for a day or two and fell off twice so now those do not interest him much. But the cabinet doors... now that is a different story. He loves to get everything out and then just laugh. But he gets brave and tries to hold himself up and gets his arm stuck. Today I found him trying to drink Eric's Gold Bond! So the bottom line is... we are putting cabinet hooks up!

Tomorrow John Hunter starts Mom's Day Out while I go to work on Tuesdays. It is at Southland and I am sure he will do fine... the question is how will I do??? Will up date you tomorrow with photos

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