Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just a thought

I often find myself wanting what others have. -- Can I hear an amen? It's not just their material possession that I would like to "borrow," but often times it's their season of life that I long for. When we were children we longed to be grown up. Now that we have reached adulthood we wish to turn back time. When I was single I wanted to be married, when I married I couldn't wait to have children and now that I have children I often envy those who have the freedom to get-up-and-go without a diaper bag.

Today I'm challenging myself to find satisfaction and joy in my current season of life! I cherish the time I spend bathing and dressing my child-- the day will come when his soft bottom will not be here goose. I cherish holding my baby close -- soon he will no longer fit in my arms. I will savor the smell of cheerios and banana baby food-- they will be replaced by secret journals that I'm no longer invited to share. I find joy in talking to my husband about what is best for our child -- one day he will make his own decisions. Most of all I will experience -- truly allow myself to experience with all senses engaged, the current season God has placed in my life.

No need to sound sappy. But this came to me today when I was making a to-do list to get stuff together for John Hunter's party. Oh I wish I had a cleaning lady, or enough money to have it catered, or someone to fold laundry. Then I realized this is my job. So I am doing it with a happy heart and to the fullest.

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The Oakes said...

oh what sweet reminders