Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Haircut

Oh this weekend was a first of many things for us. All the party post will come later. But on Friday night, after Nana and Big Daddy got here, we went to Big League Haircuts for our first cut. To say the least everyone, including John Hunter, and except me did great. I cried from the moment we walked into the door. Now there has been some debate on getting this done, and I guess I was overruled (thanks Anut B).

John Hunter was a star and enjoyed all the attention. After the cutting we went to the Fall Festival in the Village and had a wine tasting. The next day consited of some more crying and some more laughing. But I will post those photos and stories later:)

Here is the photo of the little man... all grown up!!!!


The Oakes said...

glad to hear mom made it through the first haircut. im sure there wil be many more "firsts" you will cry yourself through but he will be better for it in the end. cant wait to hear about the party.

Meghan said...

Your little boy is a doll! We are always up for playdates...especially with winter on it's way! Glad to see you guys are doing well.