Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brave Retreat 2008

So it has offically come and gone and there is a part of me that is sad, or maybe I am just oh so sleepy! We had an awesome retreat and we had over 250 amazing women who gathered and it was evident that the LORD met us there.

It started Friday afternoon with much preparation.... we got to the hotel got all of our cars unloaded and started to decorate.

And boy did we decorated.

Then we assembled 250 packets including the BRAVE books which were awesome... 30 stories of Brave women who have chosen to change, obey, and serve. These women are near and dear to my heart (and maybe if I get really Brave I will post my story from the book).

After getting everything ready we went upstairs to get ready... how fun was that! I felt like I was in college again, getting ready with 5 other women (and although I missed my boys the only person I had to get ready was me).

The Friday night speaker was Angie Smith. Some of you may have read her blog ( She is an amazing women of God who lost her 2 hour old daughter to a horrible disease. She and her husband Todd (who is the male voice in Selah) brought their 3 daughters and shared their story on how the had they had to be brave in the storm of life. Todd sang two hymns which would tear your up. There was not a dry eye in the room during their story and to quote Angie we all add the ugly cry going:)

When the evening was over we went to the room (oh bless us) We lost our key but between me, Britney, Courtney, and Katie we were too tried to go down and get another one. Eric suggested that we call the front desk, but what was I going to say. Excuse me sir, I am so tried, too fat, and just plain worn out. I have lost my room key and I don't feel like coming down 10 flights on an elevator to retrive a key. So would you please be so kind to bring me up a key. As you can tell this did not happen. So a friend in the room next door went and did the task for us. That may have been the high point. We ordered Jimmy Johns at 1 am because we were so hungry and the alarm went off at 6 (thank you Courtney and Britney)!!!!

The speakers Saturday were awesome, Judy Johnson and Jen Oakes!!! Wow what amazing women. They shared what it means to be truly brave. All in all it was a great retreat and a huge success. I was so honored to be apart of it and look forward to next year!!!


Courtney said...

Kendra- I wish I could have been there. We are having a women's retreat early next year and I ask that you pray for it as we prepare. Is there any way I can get some of the resources you all used or maybe a copy of the book? We are still in the planning phases. Looks like a wonderful event and I'm sure God was glorified.

Angie Smith said...

It is Bond #9 Scent of Peace...comes in a purple star bottle. I am glad you aren't judging me....:) I am also a recovering C.O.T.

It was so great to meet you...and the pumpkins made me laugh out loud:)


Emmers said...

You girls did an AMAZING job! I so appreciate all the time and energy you put into the retreat. I love ya.

Wammy said...

Sounds liek the weekend was a great success. I had planned on coming down but just couldn't get the rest of the family things coordinated welll enough to leave them alone. Jen Oakes spoke also. Awesome! She is a sweatheart. That is one cool family I tell ya! Get some rest...I am sure they will want you back next year...enjoyed your recap of the wekend.