Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A mailbox treat

So today has kinda been a rough day.... so many reasons as to why, but one was my dad has knee surgery. Everything went well... but there is something about your parent going under that is unsettling.... or signing off on his DNR and such:)

all that to say we have been in and out of the hospital all day. So when I got home tonight I was looking at my email and I saw this....

Could you imgaine anything more cute hangin on my wall!!! Allison has truly outdone herself. I mean is she not amazing!!!!

Thanks girl! This brightened my day more than you will ever know!! So now i am sitting at home in front of the fire, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, sipping cider and waiting on my husband to get home from work. Wow what a good evening:)


Mama Smors said...

Love the pics! :) JH is so photogenic. I thought about your dad today. How is he doing? Let me know.

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

LOVE that!!