Sunday, October 12, 2008

John Hunter's Second Birthday

Today we celebrated John Hunter's second birthday. We had a football party and we cheered on the Vikings to a victory! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. John Hunter had such a fun time.

Last night we decorated the house so when he woke up this morning he was so excited to see all the footballs. Granddad and I did the cake and it was a huge hit(not to mention that there is a lot left over).

The kiddos had a great time playing in the bounce house, balling ball, and just being kids. It is really hard to believe that my baby is 2. He is such a big boy and a great addition to our family! We love him so much and Eric and I were saying today how we could not imagine our lives without him.

Happy Birthday John Hunter... we love you!

Here are some pictures from the party!

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Mama Smors said...

Happy Birthday, John Hunter! I am so glad we could celebrate with you :) Ivy Girl will miss you this week!