Thursday, January 1, 2009

Minnestoa Good Byes and 2009!

We said goodbye to Minnesota this past Sunday, but not without some good times with great friends. Saturday Andrew and Jenni came of for a visit then we went to lunch with them. We love these guys. Andy and Eric have been best friends since 4th grade and I swear they could not talk for months and pick up right where they left off. That night we also went out with them again along with Andrews sister Allie, and Sarah, Anna, and Ben. We all went to Champs to watch the UFC fight... against the womens wishes, but we went! It was a great time had by all!Another highlight was the 3 iphones that were in use the ENTIRE time! Sarah and I got new iphones and what a fun treat they are. Eric was a great teacher on all the cool things they can do. I love this picture.... it sums up our last 48 hours in MN!Sunday morning we got up and started to hit the road to Indy. All was well besides I was throwing up everywhere. It made for a VERY long trip. I have never been so glad to see Indy in all my life.

Monday Eric worked and John Hunter and I explored the city a little and did some shopping. We drove home to KY that afternoon and were so glad to be home. I have to give a HUGE shout out to Gigi who cleaned my whole house and took all my Christmas decorations down. What a treat... THANK YOU!!!! That evening Nana and Big Daddy arrived for the night on the way to North Carolina. We had a good time with them as well.

So we are home safe and sounds.... and had so much fun ringing in 2009!!New Years Eve we went with some great friends The Purvis' and Pannell's for dinner and fun. We had a blast. We had a wonderful dinner at deShaes' then went to Cheapside and Rosebuds. We all had a blast people watching (lets just say that they should have closed the store DEB several years ago) and I had a wonderful time with the noise maker... Eric not so much! We also had a wonderfun saying.... "Bump n' Grind in 2009!!!!"""Much fun was had by all, and we are thrilled that 2009 is here. We have no idea what the LORD has in store for us this year, but we are willing to follow..... It's like John Hunter's song says, YAWAH... you go before me! That is what we are clinging to this year!


Anonymous said...

We watched the UFC fight too! Tell Eric that Forrest Griffin is my older brother's best friend (seriously--he is my nephew's godfather and everything). Saturday was the first fight my brother missed being ring side! John even went with Forrest to Ireland a year ago for that fight! The fights are still really hard for me to watch though--especially when Forrest gets beat:>( Sounds like your Christmas was great! And what your mom did...there isn't a price for that!!

Leigh said...

I am just laughing out loud at the DEB comment. Aaron and I were at the mall today and we walked by DEB. I commented, "Is that store even still open?" My mom would never let me shop there when I was a teenager...she said that's where all the "cheap" girls shopped and she wouldn't have her daughter looking like that!

Emmers said...

Seriously, you went to UFC??? I can't believe it, did anyone get that crazy califlower ear thing, that is nasty. Colin loves UFC, I can't handle the blood. So glad you are home safe and sound with a new iphone and no more throwing up.