Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh my....

So today has been a semi hard day. We have had a great 2 weeks with daddy but today we had to say goodbye as he headed back Indy. I know it will only be a short while before we see him, but the reality hit as we have boxes piles up every where!!!

John Hunter was taking a bath tonight having a grand old time... giving Thomas a "car wash". Then I heard him singing as i was putting clothes away. I quickly got my camera and this is what we got.

**** Please excuse the nudity!!!!**** (... oh and my singing)!!!

Poor kid... all he wants is washed by the water... we may have to send this video to Need to Breath! Today I found myself on the way to the store by myself so I turned on the radio and the first song on was "WASHED BY THE WATER".... AHHHH! Least to say, I changed the station!

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