Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend ReCap

This weekend John Hunter and I went to Indy to spend the weekend with Eric! We had a great and eventful time. Thursday we just hung out and played and had a great time.

Friday when the fun started.... that night a log rolled out of the fire and burnt a hole through the rug and the carpet, the smoke detectors went off and the house smelled terrible!
Saturday we got up and started off on our errands. We started off at Menards (which is like lowes) we got a new rug (which by the way we let another log roll off and burn, but not as bad). We went to several stores and shopped. Came home and ate some pizza and took a nap. We got John Hunter down and we went to rest. We were resting and we heard this HUGE crash, thinking that JH fell out of the bed, but he was fine. When he woke up from his nap we went downstairs and when we hit the bottom step we walked into 2 inches of water and heard gushing. A water pipe broke and water was everywhere.... least to say it was a long night. We called the landlord, but it was still hard to get all done and we had no water for 24 hours!

Sunday was a day full of fun, church, and clean up. The best part of clean up was the the plumber was of latino decent and JH kept walking around calling him "handy manny"!!! OH my... it was wonderful to have water back on. Eric gave JH a bath and I headed to superTarget, retail therapy helped! We ate dinner and Eric and I watched StepBrothers.... so funny.

This morning we got up and packed our stuff. The zoo was have a special day in honor of MLK if you brought a canned good you got in free. It was cold but but so fun! JH loved it. At the penguins he started screaming "happy feet, happy feet". It was so cute. Oh and we touched sharks..... Here are some pics of the day!

After the zoo we went home and JH drove back to KY. It was sad to say goodbye to daddy, we will miss him tons! We are now home and settled, and watching the Bachelor!!!


Lora said...

Sorry about all your troubles in Indy...but the thing about calling the plumber Handy Manny made me laugh out loud! I could hear Connor saying that-he loves that show! :)

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Oh my word, what a weekend! That's crazy! I love the pictures of the buddy at the zoo, though!