Monday, June 1, 2009

8 years ago....

8 years ago today I packed up my suitcase and headed to Colorado to Study at Focus on the Family.... I never thought that I would meet the man of my dreams there, but I did. So in honor of my love for him... he is going to be apart of the blog:

Eric, what was your first impression of me? We hiked the first weekend. It was like a 2 mile hike to the summit. I hiked up and then hiked down and passed you during the hike. I remember hugging you and calling you Miss Priss!

What is your most memorable moment in Colorado? After Graduation our group of friends (the Fab 5) went out to Garden of the Gods. You smoked a cigar... I was shocked. So shocked I took a panoramic picture of you... when your momma (sweet Marge) found it she was mortified.

If you had to describe our dating relationship in one word what would it be? Turbulent

For those of you who don't know, Eric dated someone else while we were in Colorado, but we had our fun times, what is one moment that you and I shared in CO that makes you laugh now? During the Fourth of July service I saluted your roommate (Lani) due to the fact if we had put her on the end of a flagpole any good and honest military man would have done the same due to her red/white striped shirt and navy skirt. We all sat in the same row... Marci, Me, and Kendra. I held hands with my girlfriend all service, during the prayer they asked us to hold hands with the people sitting next to us. As a good Christian I obliged. I however did not know that you wanted to hold my hand AFTER the prayer was over. So I held hands with you too (KENDRA here... I really did want to hold his hand, and I put the MOVES on him a lot... I remember doing the same thing in the car too)

There were a lot of cute girls, and I chose you babe!

OK... so it is my blog and I will write my own memories. I remember...
- the red and blue polo striped shirt you wore the first time I saw you
- you playing guitar at the pool and me cuddling up to you (Eric here.. there was no cuddling, she had her hand up my thigh)
- White water rafting
- You climbing Pikes Peak... me thinking you were crazy

Oh this has been a fun trip down memory lane... thanks for sharing babe! I love you... can't wait to see what the next 8 years HOLD!


The Purvis Family said...

CUTE :) :)

Katie said...

Hey Kendra! I found your blog address on the FFI Alumni website, and I've been checking in on your family periodically! (I was at FFI the same summer with you and Eric) I loved reading this post about the beginnings of your relationship at FFI --- so cute!
Thanks for making your blog such a beautiful ministry. And your son is so adorable :)
Blessings to you!
Katie (Gepford) Davidson