Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry It's Been a While

Life has been nothing less than crazy we are still at Gigi and Granddad and I have GOT to give them a shout out. They have been amazing. Packing, packing, and packing. We were gung ho, and then the renters who were supposed to rent for 3 years with the option to buy fell through... we were devastated to say the least! But we know that God is faithful and has the perfect family in mind to rent the house! We are trusting the Almighty during this season of life!

We have been packing, but we have also had some fun visiting friends and family. Being with friends and family have really been warming my heart during this time! So that has been wonderful!

To top off everything off, the White Family is going on vacation. Next week we will be headed to Ft. Meyers, FL. We are LOOKING FORWARD to 7 days of, family, fun, and sun.... oh and water too! We are thrilled, I promise to blog more soon.. but for now here is where we will be staying thanks to my Aunt Janet letting us stay!

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Andrea said...

I am so sorry the renters fell through---you have such a great attitude about it, though! And, "Are you kidding?!" regarding where you guys are staying in FL??? Wow, that house looks awesome! I'll have to take a picture of us in our huge tent while we're camping to compare! =)