Sunday, June 7, 2009

God is BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

So this morning/afternoon we got the call that the house has been rented.... for THREE YEARS! We know that God has been faithful to us this whole process and His path has been made clear. At the end of the three years we know He has a plan for us!

It was soooo cool when we got the call, we but just started crying and Eric immediatly started to pray and that God for all the has done for our little family. Then as usual the evil one started to attack. A wave of stress came over me... when, how, why, what, were we going to get it ALLLLLL done! In the mean time we have sinced prayed and feel God telling us to hold tight to HIS PEACE. We could not be more excited. This has been a HUGE stress (as most of you know) and we are thrilled! So over the next week I am not sure how much blogging will happen but if you think about it please pray for the following things for our family!

1) That the peace of God will surpass ALL understanding!
2) Patience
3) Freedom of the evil on
4) Pride... I tend to want things to be a certain way and when they don't look/go that way I get a bad attitude...
5) We are selling a few pieces of furniture (our dining room suit as well as our eliptical machine) and we would like for those to sell quickly in Lexington
6) John Hunter.. this next week is going to be a little crazy. He will be thrilled to be with Gigi and Grandad, but also going to some friends house a few days... so that his little mind will adjust and that he wil remain healthy and happy!
7) Our marriage... in high stress times like this I tend to take all my stress out on Eric (and he does the same) So that we will see the greater good... and come together as a "cord of three strands"

Thanks guys... we love ya!


Mama Smors said...

I am so excited for your family, Kendra!! We prayed HARD last night for this to all work out and God is so good. I will continue to pray for you this week and would LOVE to have JH come play w. Ivy while you pack, pack, pack! Let me know if you need anything. Also~ I am curious about your eliptical.... we may be interested!

Emmers said...

Friend, so so happy for you. God is good and I am happy that you are taking the time to listen and know that God is in control. I love ya. (What's your dining room suit look like, and eliptical?) post pix and I wll try and help you sell it too!

Andrea said...

Yay, that is so exciting! I know renting is not the "ideal" you were looking for, but hey, God knows what is best and He has provided this wonderful renter for you guys! I will pray for you that everything goes smoothly and that you can find a permanent house to live in soon here in Indy! Take care & when you're settled, we need to have a play date!