Sunday, June 28, 2009

I know a buddy who has a fun filled week of.......... you guessed it BOOT CAMP! It is our own fault. We have nothing that resembles a schedlue for over 3 weeks. Lexington, vacation, dinner with friends, summer, etc. The excuses are numerous, but tomorrow it begins. We tried to have it begin today, however we were over at some friends house to almost MIDNIGHT last night, and he was up the WHOLE TIME and up and at em' at 8!

So tomorrow we are at home, 3 square meals, lots of water/milk, playing, naps, and bedtime. We will continue this routine for as long as possible... or at least until our next trip!

In other JH news are are officially potty trained (with the exception of pull ups at night). I am thankful and nervous because I feel like I have to always anticiapte an accident.

We have not much planned this week... except for a MAJOR event on Thursday night (more to come on that latter... but here is what in envolves... let your imagination run wild)

And then next week we are headed to MN to a shower for my sister in law and an 80th birthday celebration for Eric's grandmother... however, Eric might not be coming, so JH and I might be headed to the Land o' Lake via.....

We will keep you posted on Boot Camp!

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