Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So behind

I am not sure why my blogging has lacked, but i do want to apologize. I have officially started work... and it is a little overwhelming and nerve wrecking, but i am getting through a day at a time:) We have had a great last week.

My parents came up for a visit, which was super exciting. They went to Conner Prairie Symphony and had a blast. They gave us rave reviews, so next year we will be joining them for sure. Along with their visit we went house hunting. We looked at two houses that we love. Both are different but both would be perfect fits for our family. The reason we were able to look at houses is because we RENTED OUR HOSUE IN KENTUCKY!!! Praise the Lord. October 1 is the day, so we are trying to find the perfect house here.
When mom and dad left for KY they took a little stowaway with them... John Hunter that is. He is with them for the week. It sounds like they have had tons of fun and done tons of playing. Eric and I miss him bad, but we have had walks, dates, late night movies, and just plain rest. We appreciate it more than you will ever know! Thanks Gigi and Grandad.

Here are some pictures we recently had done of JH... I love them!

TOmorrow my students come for a walk through and I am anxious to meet each of their smiling faces :)

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