Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You're A Star

So we love Christmas time and we LOVE our neighborhood. A couple months ago we got "boo"ed, Maybe you did to. Someone would put a ghost in a treat on your front door and you should spread the idea hoping the spirits don't catch you. Well we LOVED the idea of a fun sneak attack on your neighbors, but we did not participate because we did not want to dabble in the world of evil spirits with ghost in goblins. When that all came about I decided to keep the idea alive, but save it for Christmas. Well there is no "boo" for Christmas that I could find, so I wrote my own. And I wanted to share it with you.

The star is a central character in the Christmas story, you see the star leads us to Jesus. So I thought it would be fun to "star" your neighbors. The activity is VERY easy, and even involves treats. I was thinking candy canes, packets of hot coco, or even make some homemade cookies with your kiddos! Whatever you do, do it as a family and remember the Jesus is a gift we have been given and He is the reason we celebrate!

So you can snag these images from here or you can email me at kjwhite1980@gmail.com and I can email then to you. Oh, and ENJOY

The trees are up, the lights are hung,

Listen quietly and carols will be sung,

There is Santa, elves, and candy canes galore

And A White Christmas is worth waiting for!

Santa loves gifts, but Jesus does too

That is why he was sent as God’s gift to you!

So let’s cover the neighborhood

showing people we care

Hang a star on your door

and a couple to share!

The Christmas spirit grows when friends like you

Copy your star and make an extra or two!

Your neighbors will have smiling faces

When no one can guess

who “STARRED” which places

You’ll have a day or two to work on your treat

But keep it a secret and run with fast feet

Join in the fun, tis’ the season here!

So let’s shine our stars with holiday cheer!

Please keep these starts shining by following these directions:

· Enjoy your treat

· Place your star on your front door or visible front window

· Within the next 2 days make two copies of your star sign as well as this note

· Make two treat bags

· Secretly deliver to two neighbors

without a star

· Keep an eye out on nearby front doors to see how far and bright the star shines!

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