Monday, January 10, 2011

Let The Praises Ring

We are so blessed with some the test results that we have gotten so far. His heart is normal and we could not be more thrilled. We heard from the ENT and his sinus are COMPLETELY blocked and we are on meds and hoping we dont have to do sinus surgery! We go next week for his sweat study to rule out CF, and we are already praying over that, would you join us?

We know that God has a plan and we are thankful He has given us a healthy boy who loves and lives life to the fullest. We had a sweet reminder of that this weekend when we went to an ice skating party and he did it like a pro. Now he wants to play hockey... I was hoping for chess! Just kidding! He is so active and athletic it is hard to give him his breathing treatments, but we are getting along!

Again, thanks to everyone who prayed for our sweet boy and our family... we DEEPY APPRECIATE IT!


Tina (Mom) (Nana) said...

Praise God!

Mama Smors said...

YAY!! I am glad that so far so good. We will continue to pray. Ivy has been so sweet asking about her friend "Junter" (some things never change)!! When I told her we were going to pray for him she said "Can I drive to his house far away to play with him? He will feel better!!" They were so sweet together!