Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day!

Let it be said that Christmas 2010 has to be one of the best ones in a VERY LONG TIME.... it is just what our family needed. I will post more on this later but I cannot wait for 2010 to be OVER! Anywhooo we had a great Christmas. My parents came up on Thursday and we had a great time with them. Mom and I took JH to see Santa Claus at the Santa House which was JUST ADORABLE. I have really cute pics but I cannot find my camera cord and i did not have my flash card with me. IT was sooo cute and a fun experience to share with my momma! Life is just so fun when they are here.

On Christmas eve we went sledding, played, went to church (where John Hunter was apart of the singing... PRECIOUS) and then had appetizers and our neighbors over. It was just delightful. After we FINALLY got JH to bed we started playing Santa. It was so fun and so cute! He got lots of fun stuff and life with a four year old makes life really exciting!

On Christmas morning, as i have for 30 years we had a birthday party for Jesus.We checked out what Santa brought then had our party:) it was AWESOME! He was so cute singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles! We opened presents and it was great. What a blessed day! After lunch of homemade Wild Rice Soup we took a nap and then went sledding again!

What I great day of celebration... and I was so sad when my parents had to go home... I hate when they leave, but great memories were made!

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