Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Blues

So some days I feel like we are never gonna leave this house. I have felt like this for several days (although we have had a low key weekend and left the house several times). But after so many hours I feel like we need a change of pace or scenery. Or maybe it's just mommy that does.

Well this afternoon we were home and I was struggling to come up with some "new" things to do. We have played, crafted, imagianes, built, played football, rode scooter in basement, and all I wanted to do was just curl up and read a good book. Doesn't happen much with a 4 year old around. Well I was able to read the latest issue of family fun that came to my door yesterday. It has some SUPER CUTE valentines day stuff as well as some ways to cure the winter blues... So I tired it, and IT WORKED!

Golf anyone....
Seriously all I used was paper plates, straws, and post its. Splashed some color on there, and found some balls, and used a spatular as the "golf club"

Shuffleboard now...
I used painters tape and to make our "board" and used paper to write the score. We have a dry erase board which we are using to keep the socre... Tons of fun and JH wanted to play by himself for a while too, while he "practiced"

Then we moved on to family band... I promise Eric and I were lead singers, but we didn't get any pictures... just of our adorable drummer!

What are some things that you do with your kids in the winter to keep them from getting bored?


Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

LOVE these ideas! We'll be shuffle-boarding and golfing tomorrow, I'm afraid of.

alex said...

Great ideas. thanks for sharing. keep posting.

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