Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guest Writer on Kelli's Blog!

“It’s Christmas, Christmas, the best time of the year.” This is the song that has been blaring from my TV all day long, and it is not even Thanksgiving! But I find that we do some crazy things for our kids. And if it’s Miss Patty Cake John Hunter wants… then Miss Patty Cake he gets. I love Christmas, the songs, the cookies, the presents, and the baby. Please Lord, don’t let us forget the baby!

That is where I want to land today… the baby! When I was prego with John Hunter I prepared. I exercised, ate the best foods, washed his clothes with love, and designed the cutest nursery this side of the Mississippi. To quote the book of Luke, “I pondered these things in my heart”. But I find each year that once the tree goes up, the lists start to get made, and the calendar has the resemblance of my 2 year olds Magna Doodle, I tend to forget the baby. Sure I can sing every verse of Away in the Manger, and strategically place each piece of my Willow Tree nativity scene, but the baby draws me in.

Have you ever held a newborn, stroked his little head, cupped your hands around his face, been intoxicated by that newborn smell? Oh I have, there is truly no greater gift. And although I think my son is amazing he is no Savior. He did not or cannot take away my sins… he didn’t go to the cross for me, and he will never bear the title King of Kings. Oh sweet baby Jesus, how often we forget that you once laid in that troth, that you once smiled at the sheep who awed at you, that you were Sweet Little Jesus Boy.

There was one Christmas that I found out the true meaning of Christmas. December 1987. I find out the TRUTH of the Big Man in red. I learned more that Christmas than my parents bargained for. I was given strict instructions to NOT reveal my finding to my younger cousin Seth. But I felt the need to share my information, and he could not handle the TRUTH! So the consequences came knocking. That Christmas I did not receive ONE gift. I sat in the middle of my family holding the baby Jesus from the family nativity. To this day I find that I have a close bond with that piece of ceramic. My parents were certain I would learn that Christmas was more than Santa, gifts, and cookies. But Jesus was the reason for the season. That all that goes into this holiday is more than just “fun” or “experience”. It is a moment that divided time, that that beckoned the angels to sing, that caused the wisest of men to follow a star, that let a teenage girl hold that moment near and dear to her heart. I learned so many things that Christmas that still hold true today

1) My cousin is a baby and brat

2) My parents meant what they said… on December 26, 1987 I went with my mom and returned every gift

3) Christmas was more (and is more) than any store had to offer. It was about that baby, THE BABY! Tears flow as I write this… I am so taken back by his glory!

He is Jesus… He is Love…. This is Christmas. All for his glory so we can meet Him in Glory! Thank you Lord for the best gift…It is you we adore!!!

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Meghan said...

Wow...impressive parenting!! Sounds like she definetly did reality discipline! "I say it, I mean it!" I love it.