Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with Gigi and Granddad

We celebrated Christmas this past Sunday with Gigi and Granddad, and boy was it grand. It was so much fun to experience Christmas thru the eyes of our little one. He loved every moment from the candlelight service, to his Christmas pj's, to blowing out the candles of Baby Jesus' Cake. And he loved the presents... but really he liked the paper. He wanted to help each and everyone of us tear off all the paper!

Here are a few pics of our blessed day!

We left Sunday morning after breakfast with Gigi and Granddad and drove to Indiana. We spent the evening there and Eric went to work bright and Early on Monday. John Hunter loved the hotel and thought it so cool to run around the halls.

After daddy got home from work we left for Minnesota. We only told Aunt Sarah we were coming. The trip was pretty uneventful until we got about 45 miles east of Minneapolis. John Hunter got sick and threw up everywhere. He kept saying I spit. It smelled so bad that Eric and I had to bury our face in our shirts and roll the windows down in -9 degree weather. I was snorting hand sanitizer... just to kill the smell. Well we made it and Nana and Big Daddy were thrilled to see us. And John Hunter has been a champ ever since.

Stay tuned for more Christmas....

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