Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

We had an excellent Christmas day.... and a fun day with family and celebrating the birth of our LORD. We woke up this morning and went up to see what HO HO brought us. John Hunter was thrilled with his guitar! He has played it all day long... he also likes his golf clubs! He had so much fun blowing out candles for Baby Jesus' birthday.

After Ho Ho gifts we had an excellent breakfast, and then we started to prepare lunch. Pa and Ta along with Uncle Jeff and Jodi joined us. We had an excellent lunch full of turkey and the best Roast Beast ever. Eric grilled it and it was yummy! We had more food than we should have. After lunch John Hunter and Mommy and Daddy took a nap! When we woke up we joined everyone for gift opening.

As was before, he really liked taking the paper off. He also liked the gifts inside. He loved his Vikings outfit and his colts shirt. He kinda split his loyalty.... Vikings Pants/Colts Shirt. He also loved his stick pony, whom we named Charlie.

We took lots of photos, but here are a few. We had a wonderful Christmas. After saying goodbye to Pa and Ta we all put on our pj's and we are not watching Prince Caspian. Tomorrow we are going sledding and ice skating. But more importantly we are going to pick up my iphone!!!! YEAHHH!!!! I could not be more thrilled!

Merry Christmas to All.... and to all a good night!

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