Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 In Indy

We the only words that can sum up day 2 in Indy is RAIN! It poured all day long. My sweet hubs let me sleep in a little this morning while he went into work. I got up, took time and got ready, watched the today show and ate a cream horn. A morning without Miss PattyCake was so enjoyable!

We met the Realtor at 9:30 A.M. and said good-bye to him at 4PM. (This is Bob. I just thought you might want to see him!) So all that to say we looked at 13 houses and drove around like mad men. I can tell you what neighborhoods I like but I could not tell you where anything is.

Some of the houses were terrible... as in walk in take one look and say, "nope, not for me." Others I would walk in try and place furniture see what "touches" Granddad and Gigi could make and stay a while. There was about 25 Min. for lunch which consisted of chips and salsa (thankful for that cream horn).

Out of the 13 houses there were 2 to write home about. Funny enough they were in the same neighborhood. So that might be a good sign. Here is a picture of my "fav".

Next trip we will do the same thing in the Carmel area.... this process is overwhelming to me. I told Eric I am so overwhelmed. I wanted to stay with him, but wanted to be home with John Hunter. This is harder than I thought. So please continue to pray our house sells and the LORD leads us to the perfect house in Indy.

I drove 3 hours home in the pouring rain, and nothing could have been more perfect than to come into my parents house and hear "Hi Mommy". I love that little guy.
Well the only other thing that could be perfect was the massage I booked for next week!


Mama Smors said...

I am glad that you had a good time with Eric. I love the house that is your "fav".... it reminds me of your house here. That would be comforting! We will miss you all so much but know that this is probably so hard for you all- we want your house to sell so your family can be together!

Emmers said...

That house is beautiful!!

John & Michelle said...

Glad I found you...don't know how or where? That house is so pretty and will look awesome with a candle in each window for Christmas! I will add you to my prayers. Moving is hard but can be VERY rewarding. We moved from Alabama to Illinois (it's very cold here!)and miss home. We have met some great people here, have learned to depend on each other more and communicate better, learned our way around without knowing a single soul in our new town. Now we are preparing to move to Tennessee, also to a town that will be new to us and start all over. We've agreed that this will be our last move! Now we can paint crazy colors and not worry about making it neutral for other buyers!!! Red dinning room here we come!

Abraun said...

I love that house! I agree with Mama Smors:), it does look alot like your current house! I love also that Eric surprised you! So sweet that brother of mine CAN be:)! Love you guys! can't wait to see you in less than a week!!!