Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 Months Old!

This sweet girl is 10 months old today. She has been a pure delight to our family. She is funny, strong willed, loud, and extremly loveable! We all just love her to pieces. JH begs to wake her from her nap just to play with her.

The picture above is what she does after EVERY bite of food. I cannot tell if she is just overly excited or just blown away that mashed fruits and veggies taste so good! But its funny and it cracks me up.

Eric will tell you that he was nervous to have little girl. He is a great dad to a boy. The toss the football, do cannonballs, rough house, wrestle, and all the things dads and boys shoud do. But this girl this was a WHOLE new ball game. To say Lynley is a daddy's girls would be a HUGE understatement!  She loves her daddy a LOT! Last night we went to an outdoor concert with some good friends and I caught this picture. I just love it. This joy expresses our little princess to a tee!

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