Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to School

We did, we bought all of the school supplies that John Hunter will need to go to Kindergarten in LESS THAN A MONTH!  I love school supplies, it is by far my most favorite thing to buy! It makes me happy, theres a sense of newness, of clean paper, crisp crayons, and smooth glue. Everything about it I love.

That was until I started to purchace them for my sweet little boy! With every glue stick, eraser, and 3 pronged folder we placed in that red Target cart my heart was heavy. I prayed over each item, "oh God, be with him. Let me make wise choices, love him when he is lonely, send him a friend, and protect his sweet spirit, his mind, and his heart". I kid you not I almost lost it in the middle of the store.

But for the last five years we have been preparing for this day. Does that make it any eaiser? NO. But we are so proud of that little guy! He has grown into such a sweet boy. He is wild and crazy, he has his moments of attitude and disobedience, but at his core he is so frail. A people pleaser, he want to fit in, be invited, know that he is accepted, to make sure he is cool. Oh he is so competitive, we have no idea where he got that from :) But he wants to win, and along with winning he wants to be the best!

So my prayer for John Hunter as he goes off to Kindergarten is this...

God, please slow our paces and help us to enjoy the moments of this new adventure - school. Watch over John Hunter while he is away from us 5 days a week.
Guide his path right now into the classroom - designed by You - with the teachers and classmates that are a perfect fit.
Be with us, his parents, give us Godly wisdom that surpasses worldly information, suggestions, research, well meaning advice and even our best intentions......... You be in charge of his life and raise him up, Lord.
Protect his every step.
Help us not to get in the way, but to be your hands and feet and to love them like only You can.
Pick us up when we make mistakes and help us to learn from them.
Encourage and refresh us daily.
Praise be to You, alone, for our precious boy!

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Mama Smors said...

It is hard to believe that kindergarten is just around the corner!! It seems like just yesterday Ivy and John Hunter were sitting side by side in high chairs painting with pudding. :)