Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

When we moved to Indiana there were lots of emotions that went with the move! Would this place ever feel like home? We Kentucky will always be home, but now we have a different kind of home. When we moved to the rental house we had great neighbors who became great friends. We were so sad to leave them when we moved to Avalon. But only by the grace of God we have amazing neighbors now.

Our neighbors are more than the people who we share a fence line with, or borrow brown sugar. These are the people we do life with. We see them everyday, we play, we listen, and we love. For example, today I needed to clean my bathroom, vaccum, and dust. It was only gonna take an hour or so, but one neighbor just came and took my kids so I could get it done.

Last night was the best. There are 3 families (The oliver's, the ruth's, and us) that are really close. The Olivers are Dan, Bri, and Tessa (age 3). The Ruth's are Tim, Katie, Macie (age 3, and Clara 11 months). Just about every day all the moms and kids meet on our driveway and ride bike, play, sidewalk chalk, run in the sprinkler, water balloon fight or whatever until all the dads come home. Yesterday we went out about 4 at 6:30 the dads were all home, and we ordered pizza, and finally at 10 everyone went it. It was picture perfect. It was so fun, and it was a great memory. You know its a good night when JH is running in shorts only through the sprinkler, and Macie, and Tessa only have on Princess Panties and all are soaking wet.

As i sat on the lawn and looked around at the children, conversations, and play that was going on I had a glimpse of heaven. And my heart exploded, instant gratitude overwhelmed my body, and I was so thankful for God's provision on my sweet families life by putting these families in our lives!

What are you grateful for today?

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