Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manna From Heaven

I remember vividly as a child Mrs. Webster teaching us the story of manna falling from heaven. I can see it now brown loaves of bread attached to a blue flannel graph all while wearing my whirlybirds for Jesus beanies! I always thought it was so strange that bread fell from heaven. Have you read the story of Manna and Quail from Heaven (Exodus 16). The Israelites were desperate food, and they pleaded with God. Well actually they complained! But God provided, He always does.

Today I felt like manna fell from Heaven. We were all headed to the pool and when we pulled in lightening struck and rain started to fall. It has been 34 days since we have seen rain. We are in a 10" deficit! We need rain. If you get caught watering there is a $500 fine. To say we are desperate is an understatement. Thank you Lord for the rain, if felt great against our face!

So what are you asking God for today? Hear our cries O Lord!

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