Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kisses for Katie

It's no scert I love to read. I am not big "novel" reader. I haven't read the Twlight series, I probably wont read Hunger Games (cause I can watch the movie), and PLEASE do not even get me started on 50 Shades of Gray!!! But I do love to read!  I bought 6 new books for summer and all but one I have read! The book I just read was called Kisses for Katie. Have you read it, oh you haven't YOU SHOULD! It is life changing! Not only did I read it, I shared parts of it with John Hunter. Such and humbling and teaching experience for our children who have no idea what it is like to be without!

I find it hard to raise a grateful child. We live in a world where kids expect to have lots of things. I know as parents we created part of this monster, but where do we draw the line? Honestly sometimes its easier just to buy the candy at the checkout because it keeps them quite. Please tell me you have been there? I try to go into a store or situtation with expectations of we are or are not getting something, but still I wear down easily!

This book is a TRUE story about a young girl who gave up everything to obey the heart of God. And althoug her life is not normal or expected her passion for the LORD overwhelmes me. It made me feel like what am I doing to make a difference here in the middle of Fishers, Indiana to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Am I loving the unlovable? Do I extend water to the thirsty? Am I loving or judging my neighbor? And as I go about my day am I being Jesus to my children so that we can cultivate a heart for Christ in their little lives?

So all that to say, go get the book? Read it, let it resonate, and pray that God will put a passion in your heart for something that you were born to do?

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