Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RIP Ralph Zenisek

Eric's grandfather passed away in late April. His memorial was in may! We had the honor to be apart of it. Eric and his sisters sang and I gave a eulogy. It was such a special time so I wanted to remember. Here is what I said to remember such a fine man.

What an honor it is to stand here today to celebrate the life of a great man. My name is Kendra White and I am the wife of Ralph's oldest grandson Eric

My first time here at the cabin a wonderful meal was prepared and we gathered around the table to eat. We joined hands, bowed our heads, and prayed. Then all of the sudden Pa broke out in song. I was shocked and looked around and everyone was singing a song I had never heard, but lyrics I will never forget. Never had I heard the song before so what did I do, what every good southerns momma taught her, just smile! Afterward I kindly explained to Eric a little warning that we were gonna sing would have been helpful. From that point on I gladly joined in with pa singing, oh the lords been good to me and so I thank the lord."

And that statement could not have been more true in ralphs life. When Eric and I were getting married I remember telling my mom that I was so blessed that not only did the lord bring Eric in my life but his family as well. Especially his grandparents. I was so excited to have grandparents again because mine had passed away. What an amazing job pa did of filling that role in my life as well as my husband!

Pa played an even greater role as great grandfather. What a legacy he has left behind with 6 grandchildren and 3 great grand children with 2 more on the way. Our oldest child john hunter has lifelong memories that will forever have pa in them. His most favorite pa memory is spending the last three summers at the cabin (without his parents) fishing with pa. He caught his first fish with pa, went on his first boat ride with pa, but he couldnt and wouldn't touch a worm with pa. Pa left a legacy about being an avid fisherman for our son. But left a greater legacy for all of us.

You see today we gather to celebrate our great fisherman. And our hearts grieve and that is ok. But today we have hope because our fisherman is with the one and only fishers of men. Ralph was obedient to the words of Jesus in mark 1:16 when he said, " come follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Pa passed away on a Monday night and jh had already gone to bed. On Tuesday morning our son woke up elated with joy because it was his first baseball game ever. He was so excited but we needed to tell him about pa so before he went to preschool I had him crawl on my lap. I said buddy I have got to talk to you about what happened last night. Pa went to heaven. Today he is with Jesus. Those sparkling blue eyes looked at me and said mom, I am sure gonna miss pa, but mom I think he's fishing in heaven with Jesus right now. With tears streaming down my face I agreed with my sweet boy.

You cannot leave here today without the hope and truth of what pa would want you to know. Pa loved Jesus and Jesus loves you!!!

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