Thursday, November 8, 2007

All Boy

We have had a great couple of days. With the exception of the last hour. John Hunter and daddy were playing in the bedroom while mommy was on the phone with one her jr. high girls, talking about why boys are so stupid. I heard a loud scream and then it was followed by LOTS of crying!!! When I ran into the room here is what I found.My poor baby with the bad eye. As you can see he was laughing before he went to bed . He will for sure have a good shiner in the morning. Good thing I already laid out his clothes and he is wearing his football outfit.

Other than the eye, we have had a pretty fun day! We have just played! Last night we went to some friends house for Eric to help fix there TV and John Hunter played so well with the twins and Hayden. They had a big time. Walking around with the cars and playing. The girls watched Ratatoee (sp?) and pretended they were fixing food for the boys.

Here are a few shots of JOhn Hunter in the cold weather. He loves HATS and even more his scarf. Why a 1 year old would love a scarf can only be anwsered by the statement... HE IS HIS MOTHER'S CHILD!


The Purvis Family said...

precious, precious boy! i love that hat and is way too cute.

The Oakes said...

like the new page are inspiring me, maybe i will see about changing my own. i think at about the same time in his own life ellis got his first shiner.....that wason his dad's watch as well.

Wammy said...

Emmy and I are cracking up! So what do you have in mind for little boy onesies? What does he like? Our minds are reeling!

Wammy said...

Cassie just reminded me of who you ae...the monogrammed burp clothes! They are beautiful. I was there when they came. I am impressed. Then come to find out that your Dad does the monogramming! How awesome is that. I think Emmy and I have a deal for you...want to trade products? Cassie will have to give me your email so we can "talk".