Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All in one day!!!

This morning was a little rougher than usual. Eric heard John Hunter crying around 4 AM this morning and laid with him in the guest bedroom. But around 6:15 John Hunter was wide awake and ready for the day, so Eric brought him to me. After about 15 min. I realized he was in no mood to sleep, he just wanted to play. So I agreed.

It is amazing to me how much to can do before 8:30 AM. I got all the laundry done, beds made, dish washer unloaded, dinner prepared, got ready for work, made breakfast (consisting of cheese eggs, toast, and yougart) which may not sound like much but that is WAY more than a normal week day breakfast.

I am not sure if i was able to get it all done because I was so motivative to get it all done before work, or if because John Hunter found a new love. The cabinet drawers... and all they contain! He thought he was a hoot.

After work we finished the Christmas card I did for some friends... I really think it is cute, now I am ready to do ours! Then we went to vote!!! He was way too cute when he pushed the green button. I wanted to take photos but they would not let me! Oh well!

The buddy went to bed a little bit ago and I FINISHED the ironing (if you know me that means all 38 shirts are DONE... well minus the one Eric is still wearing)!! So I am off to bed myself!

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The Oakes said...

im right there with you kendra. there are some days when i look at the clock and it reads 8:30 and i have to come up with something else to do for the day b/c we have already done all that i had planned.